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Anne Sugden

Watendlath, Lake District
Oil Painting

Anne Sugden was born in Yorkshire but has lived in Bury for the past 35 years. Art has been a keen interest all her life starting from a very early age learning to draw with white chalk on her blackboard and easel.

Anne Sugden attended at Bretton Hall Teacher training College studying Art and Music as her main subjects. During her career as a teacher, she considers herself fortunate in having been able to introduce pupils to art in many different forms, and to encourage them to develop their own skills and appreciation.

Her own paintings are displayed in Japan, New Zealand, Italy, Majorca and the USA as well as in Britain.

She enjoys working in a variety of mediums, however her main love is painting in oils using brushes and palette knives, and likes the challenge of experimenting with new styles and techniques in this medium, Anne uses her own water colour sketches done on location, or her own photographs for inspiration. A number of her paintings are of scenes in the Lake District, as was her great-grandfather before her.

As a keen traveller, Anne continues to learn a great deal from studying work by artists down the ages, having visited some of the prestigious art galleries in the world, including Vienna, Berlin, Los Angeles, Boston, Hiroshima, Chicago, Paris and London.

She also enjoys the stimulation and interaction with the fine artists who are members of Bury Art Society.

Judith Church

My name is Judith Church and I am now retired. I have always worked in retail and the job I enjoyed the most was when I was manager of the Board and Easel art shop in Bolton. I have been interested in drawing and painting from an early age and passed GCE 'O' level Art at school.

After a few years of bringing up a family etc., I decided to develop my skills by doing various evening courses, at the Arts and Crafts centre in Broad Street, Bury, which included GCE 'A' level art. It was this involvement at the Arts and Crafts centre which led to my becoming a member of Bury Art Society.

I enjoy painting portraits of people and animals for which I tend to always use pastel, but I also work with acrylic paint, inks, charcoal and watercolour and I really love to experiment with textures and mixed media.

Philip Jones


I've always had the ability to draw and paint and at school art was always my most favoured subject.

My employment was initially that of engineering draughtsman and later a senior projects engineer designing and managing the installation of bottling plant.

Following my retirement I decided to restart my early interest in painting and drawing and enrolled at various art classes.

My chosen mediums are water colour and acrylic and i like to paint a wide range of subjects from 'steam trains' to 'cityscapes' and from 'galloping horses' to 'landscapes'.

Lynn Kirkley

I completed a degree in Illustration at Manchester in 1982 before achieving a teaching qualification.I worked in secondary and special schools,and then worked in prison,further and continuing adult education.

I have exhibited in galleries across the North West,most recently in Salford and Bury.I have had work produced in a number of publications (Artists and Illustrators,July 2009 issue).I reached the North West final of the TV programme'Brush with Fame'.

In 2009 I had a solo 'Floral' Print Exhibition at The Royal Exchange in Manchester.I am exhibiting again in February this year on the theme of 'Afternoon Tea'. I have a portrait in memory of my Grandad showing at Salford Art Gallery at the moment which has won two awards.

Graham Lomas

Painting for over 40 years has given Graham immense pleasure. He was born in Newton Heath, Manchester in 1944. He paints a wide variety of subject such as : Landscape, Seascape, Figure, Portrait and Still Life, and if it is direct from nature, so much the better. Oil and watercolour are his favoured mediums.

Graham became a member of Bury Art Society in year 2000. He is an award winning artist and was elected a member of the British Watercolour Society in 2004 and elected as a fellow of the International Guild of Artists in 2005.

Anne Fryers

Anne grew up in Cumbria and studied at Manchester College of Art and Design, graduating in Textile Design, then gaining a Certificate in Education.

After working as an art teacher and then bringing up a family, she began painting seriously in the 1990s and has since been exhibiting and selling her work successfully.

Painting primarily in acrylics and acrylic inks, her subject matter is varied with seaside scenes her speciality, a range of which has been published, proving very popular.

Sue Stott

I am now retired and my husband and I have just returned from Andalucia where we lived and worked for 6 years running an olive and fresh fruit farm. Those years have influenced my style of painting and I have changed from painting in watercolour to oils because of the vibrancy and fluidity of the medium.

I particularly enjoy painting portraits and people in general, especially people in action so that I can catch the movement and flow of the clothes. I paint as a hobby but also sell paintings to help with the cost of the hobby.

Should you wish to commission a portrait please contact me on 07786061374 for details.

Leslie O’Shea

"Bluebell Woods"

My name is Leslie O'Shea and I am married with 3 children and 6 grandchildren. I am in my late 50's. My occupation is Bespoke Tailor. Over the last few years I had and interest in painting and was encouraged to further this interest by my wifes uncle, Tommy Valentine. I prefer to work in water colour or acrylics.

Anne Saxon

My name is Anne Saxon, I have been a member of the Bury Art Society for about ten years. I enjoy being a member and find it offers a variety of experiences. I especially like going out on location sketching. My favourite place is Greenside where we go at least once a year for a short

I try working in most mediums, I experiment with mixed media. This particular painting of the Grand Canyon is an oil on canvas; when I visited the Canyon many years ago I was awe struck by its vastness and complexity. I aim to attempt further work of this subject but will try different mediums.

Janet Brady

I grew up in London and studied Geography and Geology at Birmingham because I love finding out how landscapes came to be as they are. I got good at doing field sketches and ‘losing myself’ in a landscape! Luckily I met my husband who’s brilliant at map reading and doesn’t mind at all gazing at the countryside while I sketch.

In 1970 I became a primary schoolteacher. I did a part-time Foundation course at Rochdale in ’83. Since then I’ve taught and looked after the family. I’ve always sketched, especially when out walking with them and I’ve always hoped to do more, and more. What was lacking was time and confidence.

With semi-retirement I achieved the first and then, a real breakthrough, I achieved the second by attending the Creative Drawing classes at Bury Art Gallery. They really inspired me.

Now I’m painting hard, selling my work and looking forward to my first big exhibition in September ’10. And I’m still passionate about ‘losing myself’ in a landscape!

Picture above:
This painting, 'The Nine Ladies of Stanton Moor', is in mixed media. I placed puddles of colour (acrylic ink) roughly where needed to capture this scene - a stone circle in the Peak District. Then I covered them with clingfilm and worked the colour into place, making the bubbles elongate and the ink run into a tracery or maze. When the picture was dry and the clingfilm peeled off I worked into the scene with inks and pastel to bring out the foliage and hint at the nine ladies dancing on the Sabbath before being turned into stone!