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Janet Brady

I grew up in London and studied Geography and Geology at Birmingham because I love finding out how landscapes came to be as they are. I got good at doing field sketches and ‘losing myself’ in a landscape! Luckily I met my husband who’s brilliant at map reading and doesn’t mind at all gazing at the countryside while I sketch.

In 1970 I became a primary schoolteacher. I did a part-time Foundation course at Rochdale in ’83. Since then I’ve taught and looked after the family. I’ve always sketched, especially when out walking with them and I’ve always hoped to do more, and more. What was lacking was time and confidence.

With semi-retirement I achieved the first and then, a real breakthrough, I achieved the second by attending the Creative Drawing classes at Bury Art Gallery. They really inspired me.

Now I’m painting hard, selling my work and looking forward to my first big exhibition in September ’10. And I’m still passionate about ‘losing myself’ in a landscape!

Picture above:
This painting, 'The Nine Ladies of Stanton Moor', is in mixed media. I placed puddles of colour (acrylic ink) roughly where needed to capture this scene - a stone circle in the Peak District. Then I covered them with clingfilm and worked the colour into place, making the bubbles elongate and the ink run into a tracery or maze. When the picture was dry and the clingfilm peeled off I worked into the scene with inks and pastel to bring out the foliage and hint at the nine ladies dancing on the Sabbath before being turned into stone!

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